Our Amazing Stories in Florence !!!

イタリア オラトリオ教会

T & Y 様

We got married at Oratorio Church at Florence and spent our honeymoon at Amalfi.

The entire process throughout preparation and actual ceremony was extremelysmooth.

Since we are Roman Catholic, we initially planned to hold our ceremony at Italy. However, we were not sure which region or church to select. We personally did some research by ourselves. We soon found out that it was quite difficult to gather accurate information. Thus, we began looking for an agency that we can rely on. Among various agencies, *Regency* seemed to be the most reliable, and hence, we decided to visit the office.

As soon as we stepped into the office, we were so convinced that *Regency was professional and trustworthy. And our guess was correct. We received a list of recommended churches as well as places to visit for our honeymoon.

We received detailed information about each church as well as region. Those information were so helpful to make a final decision on where to marry. As a result, we made decisions on locations (church, hotels, honeymoon place, etc) within 2 weeks. In addition, the agency gave us suggestions on where to borrow wedding dress and suits. Overall, we really did not need to coordinate anything by ourselves. The entire preparation process was so easy and convenient.





When we arrived in Florence, we were first surprised how gorgeous the hotel was. We immediately understood why the hotel (Villa Cora) was strongly recommended. We were so impressed by beautiful and sophisticated decorations and services there. On the actual day of the ceremony, people for hair and make-up came to the room on time. They were very kind and considerate. Additionally, a person for coordination as well as 2 people in charge of camera and video came to the hotel on time, too. We did camera/video shooting at the hotel, Piazzale Michelangelo, Vecchio Bridge, and Duomo. The 2 people for camera/video were both Italian, and they kindly gave us instructions on each shooting. After the shooting, we headed to Oratorio Church. Throughout the process, we moved around places to places by a reserved car.

The driver was dressed up with black suits, and it added a sense of sophistication to the atmosphere. During the ceremony, the Father gave us blessing, and his words were translated into Japanese. So even our parents could understand everything. All the music pieces were played by pipe organ. Also, there was an opera singer. Overall, the entire ceremony was absolutely holy. Another thing that surprised us was a lot of random people (they might be local people or tourists… not sure) sitting on the seats in the church. When we were getting out from the church (wedding march), they gave us blessings.

After we came back to the hotel, we did wedding lunch at a restaurant near poolside. All the dishes were very delicious, and we ended up spending approximately 3 hours. After the lunch, we enjoyed spa and swimming pool. It was truly a fabulous day, which is filled with joy and happiness.

フィレンツェに到着した時、滞在するホテルがこれほどまでに豪華絢爛である事が最初の驚きでした。何故、同ホテルを強く推奨されていたのか・・・美しく洗練された装飾、ホスピタリティに長けているサービスなど、どれをとっても素晴らしい!の一言でした。 挙式当日、ヘアーセット&メイクアップ担当の美容師が定刻通り、私たちの部屋に来てくれました。技術的にも申し分なく、親切で思いやりのある方でした。




In sum, we highly recommend holding a wedding ceremony at Italy, and we have no doubt that *Regency* would provide the most wonderful and appropriate services. Besides various pros stated above, we would like to point out that one of the greatest reasons we could enjoy our wedding trip was due to our coordinator, Mr. Yamada. He assisted us from the very beginning to the end (even after we came back to Japan).

He has a deep understanding on Italian culture, value, food, and so on. He gave us detailed information about each church that was in our list. Also, he had a solid knowledge on hotels and restaurants in various regions in Italy. Basically, all we needed to do was to ask him where to stay and where to eat (and what to see). He is not only knowledgeable about Italy, but also very prompt and considerate. He would reply to our emails very quickly all the time, and gave us alternative plans right away when we requested for options. In addition, he sent us emails on the day that we arrived at Florence to make sure that everything was settled.

On the actual wedding day, he even faxed us a message with blessing and encouragement. We were so impressed by how thoughtful he was. Moreover, when we arrived at Amalfi for honeymoon, we soon learnt that the hotel we made a reservation (Hotel Luna) via Mr. Yamada upgraded our room. The hotel manager told us that he has known Mr. Yamada for a long time, so did a special upgrade. The balcony was huge, and we could see the entire beautiful ocean from it. The view was so stunning and breathtaking. Without Mr. Yamada, we could not have had such a fantastic experience at Florence and Amalfi. We would like to express a

sincere gratitude on his kindness, consideration, and professionalism.


最初から最後まで私たちをサポートしてくれました(私たちが日本に戻った後でさえ) 山田さんはイタリアの文化、価値観、グルメなどについて深く理解し、私たちの希望にあった各教会についての詳細な情報を教えてくれました。また、イタリアの様々なエリアのホテルやレストランについての知識も豊富でした。基本的に、私たちがすべきことは、オススメの観光スポット、ホテル、レストランを山田さんに尋ねることでした。山田さんは、イタリアについて知識があるだけでなく、非常に迅速で情熱的かつ思いやりのある方です。常に私たちの質問に丁寧に答えてくれ、私たちが追加要求した際も直ぐに的確な提案を下さいました。